Moua Martial Arts,LLC


Our Mission:

Moua Martial Arts will impact and empower our Members' lives with the positive benefits of Hmong Arts.

 Our members will be
Confident and have the “Yes I Can” attitude.

Our Members will be
Disciplined and have Self Control.

 Our Members will be both physically and mentally healthy and prepare to
Defend themselves.

 Our Members will strengthen their minds to perform better in school and careers.

 Our Members will know how Hmong Martial Arts has a positive impact on their lives through


Our Members will appreciate the value of "traditional" martial arts combine with modern daily life

style and its benefits on modern day society.

Our Members will be Focused but have Fun simultaneously.

Our Members who attained Black Sash in our Hmong Arts are Members with Self-Discipline,

Confidence, Esteem, able to Defend themselves, promote great Respect for others, and be

productive Members of society with excellent Leadership qualities in both their family and their

Outstanding Characters that Last!

 Together we are the future generation of 
Moua Martial Arts.